Do you have the perfect nude lipstick?

There is no denying it, we all love a good lipstick. Go look in your purse, your desk drawer, the car, your pants pocket. I bet you can find at least one.  You may break out those deep rich colors for a vampy night out on the town, but you have to admit, everyone needs a good nude lipstick in their arsenal of lippies.

As we mature. WHOA! STOP!  Sometimes I hate hearing that word. Mature. Let’s face it. I am a mature woman, maturing by the minute as a matter of fact.  Anyway, as I was saying, as we mature, our features change. It’s a fact. Like it or not. One obvious sign of aging is that our lips lose fullness, they become thinner (I wish that happened to my waist), they get those little nasty lines that crop up, and like everything else, they tend to get a little dry.

For the past few years, yes, YEARS I seem to have been on a mission, like a biblical scale mission.  Say it with me: “We’re on a Mission from God”,  (Elwood Blues, The Blues Brothers). If you remember that quote, you probably have mature lips. I can’t seem to leave the drugstore without a casual stroll down the makeup section, it may be the day I find it: The Perfect Nude Lipstick!

In an effort to grow old with grace, I offer these tips that I do in order to keep my lips looking and feeling their best.

Prepare your lips. Hydrate and Exfoliate. Beauty starts from within, so drink, drink, and then drink more water. I exfoliate my lips at least once or twice a week.  I have a little jar of a sugar scrub I keep on my sink and before brushing my teeth I gently give them a good once over.  Nobody wants to kiss lizard lips so, get rid of that dead skin. Before going to bed, always remember to moisturize your lips, I use either Aquaphor, Vaseline, or Chapstick, even a little coconut oil works great.

Choose the right color. I find this entire process a bit overwhelming, a little stressful to be quite honest. If you don’t have the correct color, you can end up looking dead, ill, even ghostly, not a good look unless it’s Halloween.  The color will depend on your complexion, try to aim for a shade that is similar to your own lips.  Pale/Fair skin color, you will look best in peachy or pinkish tones. Medium/Dark skin color, your best choice will be a peachy beige.  Avoid matte or liquid lipsticks, they tend to be very drying and will settle into lines, instead go for a creamy formula, and I always top it with a little gloss or a balm.


The combo I am reaching for most at the moment is Jennifer’s Nude by L’OREAL, topped with Revlon Sky Pink Lipgloss.



If I’m spending a little more time on my makeup, if it’s a special night out, or if I want my lipstick to last a bit longer, I will apply a lip liner. Again, go for a liner that is close to your own lip color, and apply to the entire lip, this gives the lipstick something to cling to, making it last longer.  If you want your lips to appear a little fuller, you can outline your lips, creating the illusion of a bigger poutier lip. Also, add a little highlighter to the center of the bottom lip, and on your cupid’s bow to give that plumped, pouty look.

But let’s face it, half of the time I run out of the house with NO lipstick on, and I hope I catch a red light so I can dig in my purse and find something to swipe on.  Real life, friends.

A good rule of thumb to always remember;  dark (smokey) eye/nude lip, bold lip/natural eye, don’t do both.

When my daughter saw my stash, she said, “Finding the perfect nude lipstick is like finding your wedding dress—you’ll know it when you put it on”.  The search continues.

Thanks for stopping by.  See ya next time! xo


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